The Complete Discography of Girls Aloud Is Finally Available In America

The discography of the Almighty Aloud is finally available stateside. God (Nuhdeen) bless America.

Girls Aloud


After years of waiting (all this time for you), every single Girls Aloud album is now available to purchase on iTunes and stream on Spotify and Apple Music — and presumably all the other ones too. (I haven’t checked TIDAL yet. Don’t @ me, Madonna.)

Yes, even the Christmas bonus disc of Chemistry (dubbed Christmastry) and Mixed Up, the Tangled Up remix disc. And their greatest hits collection, Ten. Also, the girthy Collection box set, featuring live audio and B-sides. And most importantly of all, “Memory Of You.”

Anytime. Anyplace.

As part of “an ongoing digital initiative to make top performing artists’ titles available in every territory” according to Billboard (translation: Nuhdeen sending a sharply worded, grease-stained letter from the counter of Nadine’s Irish Mist to the president of Universal Music), the entire collection is — at last — available to us unworthy U.S. plebeians.

Not only that, but Cheryl Tweedy Cole Just Cheryl Fernandez-Versini‘s (almost) entire solo discography is available as well. That’s right: At last, the opportunity to freely stream “Happy Tears” anywhere you’d like in America. (And yes, you need to search “Cheryl” for A Million Lights and “Cheryl Cole” for 3 Words and Messy Little Raindrops — Queen of Name Changes.)

That Billboard article includes some important Chezza quotes about the victory, by the way — did you know her favorite GA record is Tangled Up? Good taste. Best bit: “‘Let’s hope it doesn’t take another five years to put Only Human out, lol,’ says Cheryl.”


Nuhdeen’s Insatiable was already made available last year, as she is the true pioneer.


Still no word on Nicola RobertsCinderella’s Eyes, although industry sources tell me it’s going to be made available once she drops her sophomore record in 2045.


Let us now briefly forget about all those solo forays and loose strings (and threads) and rejoice in the beauty that is the Almighty Aloud.



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