“Warm Blood”: Carly Rae Jepsen’s Wonderfully Weird Midnight Serving

“Warm Blood” is one of the best, most unexpected songs from Carly’s sublime pop record.

If you’re just now joining the Carly Rae Jepsymposium, a brief recap: Carly Rae Jepsen‘s new album, E•MO•TION, is really, really the best, and “Run Away With Me” is the best pop song of the year — or, at the very least, clearly the Song Of The Summer.

Now then: It’s time to discuss “Warm Blood.”

The fact that Carly decided to release “Warm Blood” as the next promotional track off of her upcoming-yet-already-released LP is further proof that she truly ‘gets it.’ She gets good music. (She did, in fact, tell me it’s her favorite song on the album, aside from “Run Away With Me.”)

In terms of radio playability, “Warm Blood” really shouldn’t be the next taste of the LP — it’s far too strange, but in such a fantastic way.

The left-lane cut, which was co-crafted with Vampire Weekend‘s Rostam Batmanglij (a left-lane move), is, essentially the anthesis of the Jepsen you’ve come to know: Don’t expect bubbly. No coy digit swapping here. This is slow-moving and sensuous, with an undeniably dark undercurrent — like Donna Lewis‘ “I Love You Always Forever” reimagined for the soundtrack of a psychological thriller. (Maybe Vampire Diaries. Or maybe Fifty Shades.) Sexy and a little bit scary? Just call her FKA Jepstwigs.

My hands and heart were tied, but I was scared of almost nothing at all…

Carly’s never sounded quite like this before, quivering and purring and whispering her way across the entire electronic soundscape; her voice growing distorted and distant along the throbbing pulse and hazy ’80s synths dreamily expanding in the distance. (Also, around the 3 minute mark in the bridge — those strange background sounds. Is that the clinking of glasses at a restaurant or something? A little added mystery…)

Let down my guard tonight, I just don’t care anymore…

“Warm Blood” is a vastly more mature, experimental production than the radio bops she’s best known for and, like “All That,” one of the many incredible surprises included on the LP. (It’s also the kind of song that could be played on repeat until forever.)

And, once again, she’s really killing it with these single covers.

Warm blood underneath my skin…

The song’s available in some territories already on Spotify, and on Apple Music everywhere else.

Go, Queen Carly. Go.

“Warm Blood” was released on July 31. (iTunes)

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