Jax Jones is one of the most consistent providers of quality dance-pop in the game right now.

His dance floor-friendly anthems blend together seamlessly, all sharing a certain signature DNA without being lazy carbon copies, and the features are always purely flame emojis: from “House Work” with MNEK to “You Don’t Know Me” with RAYE to “Instruction” with Demi Lovato to “Breathe” to Ina Wroldsen, he’s truly yet to disappoint.

“Ring Ring” is Jax’s latest win, featuring a rap from Rich The Kid and a silky-smooth vocal from the unbelievably gorgeous and talented Mabel, the 22-year-old daughter of Neneh Cherry and Massive Attack‘s Cameron McVey. (She comes armed with a fantastic array of soulful R&B-pop of her own already. If you’ve not yet been formally introduced, the Bedroom EP is a must!)

The song was co-penned by King MNEK and Little Mix hit-making scribe Camille Purcell – plus Mabel’s own half-brother, Marlon Roudette!

Hello? You there? / Real talk, you got me going crazy / Hello? / Are you there? You there? You there?

Essentially, this creep’s been working Mabel’s last nerve. She’s (somehow) willing to give it one last shot, but he’s not picking up – and she’s pissed: “I got a lot of friends, trust / You don’t wanna meet my brother / So don’t come into my ends, trust / We all know you’ve been fucking with another / If you make it out alive…

The tropical-tinged track rides a chiller vibe than the most pounding of Jax Jones productions, like “Instruction,” but Mabel’s fiercely frustrated attitude provides enough heat to set the floor ablaze. (Seriously, pick up already.)

The fun “vintage” (we’re all old) ’90s-themed music video, released on Wednesday (July 4), is a treat as well, with its throwback to phone sex operators (shades of Kylie Minogue‘s “Confide In Me” concept – 0-800-RING-RING is the new 1-555-CONFIDE), fashion throwbacks, vintage cell phone graveyards (the nostalgia!) and tributes to that signature Hype Williams gloss, with those “Mo Money Mo Problems” light tunnel shots, especially.

Again, how stunning is Mabel? She looks a bit like Queen Cassie in some shots – and her own legendary mama, of course.

As we already know – evidenced by everything from Backstreet Boys‘ “The Call” to Madonna‘s “Hung Up” to Lady Gaga and Beyonce‘s “Telephone” to Adele‘s “Hello” – telephonic torture is an objectively winning pop topic.

“Ring Ring” is certainly no exception.

“Ring Ring” was released on June 22. (iTunes)

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