‘Boyz N Poizn’: Phoebe Ryan’s Relatable Ode to Drinks and Dick

The green-haired pop princess on the rise comes through with an all-too-relatable ode to getting trashed and getting ass.

So, Phoebe Ryan won’t stop putting out good music.

If still unacquainted, get acquainted: I first wrote about the green-haired pop goddess in the making over a year ago, back when she was just kicking things off with her lush debut single, “Mine.” She did it again (oops!) with her excellent, no-way’s-this-really-happening-to-me anthem “Dead.” The whole Mine EP turned out to be a gem from start to finish, as did her first song of 2016, “Chronic” — and apparently, she’s not stopping anytime soon with her breathy, beautiful brand of pop — and we’re all better off for it.

You know when you hear a song, and the lyrics speak to you so much that you’re like “Oh wow, that’s my Instagram caption/Facebook status/AIM away message right there”? Or maybe you don’t do that, because you’re not a garbage person like myself?

In any case, Phoebe’s just supplied one of those lyrical gems with the endlessly replayable, #relatable “Boyz N Poizn,” an ode to the never-ending revolving cycle of alcoholic beverages and ass, which — let me tell you — is 50 Shades of SAME. (Alternate titles I’ve already come up with: “Dickz N Drinkz,” “Buttz N Booze” and “Weinerz N Winez.”)

The ode to self-destructive tendencies, co-crafted with Kyle Shearer and Mike Del Rio, trips along with the swagger of a Lily Allen and perhaps a touch of Lana Del Rey‘s casual honeymooning by the beach, with the airy, innocent delivery of a Lights or an Ellie Goulding.

That chorus alone just begs for a cups-in-the-air singalong in concert.

“All I want is boys and poison / Every night, it’s boys and poison / All I do is enjoy ’em, destroy ’em / Until I feel what I wanna feel, what I wanna feel…”

Britney Drink


Phoebe Ryan’s heading out on the — wait for it! — Boyz N Poizn Tour this summer with Cardiknox. I highly suggest you go see her now before her next venue is a crowded arena.

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