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Anyway, a brief recap: E•MO•TION is The Best, “Run Away With Me” is (maybe) the Song Of The Year, and “Warm Blood” is beyond. Also, please play Japan-only bonus track “Never Get To Hold You” at my funeral — but more on that for another time.

Know what else is good? “Making The Most Of The Night,” co-penned by some unknown Australian singer-songwriter named Sia Furler. (Sia? Good luck trying to make it in the industry with that name, sis!)

But for real tho: “Making” is yet another shining highlight from the LP, and Sia and her iconic bob are, of course, an undeniable force driving the song’s greatness: Those incredible melodies in the verses (“Baby, I’m speeding and red lights I’ll run…”) and that joy ride of a chorus, which propels through the speakers like a sudden stomp on the gas pedal, could only come from the prolific pop penner.

The song also fits nicely with the rest of the midnight sheen of E•MO•TION: Like “Run Away With Me,” the late night getaway pulses forth with a thrilling, leave-the-world-behind kind of glee, and the earnest delivery that Carly Rae Jepsen does best behind the wheel.

Forget all your troubles and let Carly be your cute, shining savior.


I know you’ve had a rough time / But here I come to hijack you…

“Making The Most Of The Night” was released on August 7. (iTunes)