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“You Make Me Whole”: Steps, Even Less Scared of the Dark, Stay Winning

Steps You Make Me Whole

Did you know that Steps not only saved pop in 2017, but are now continuing to do so?

After absolutely nailing it with “Scared of the Dark” last month — an against-the-odds triumph for a campy bubblegum pop troupe celebrating their 20th anniversary — Lee, H, Claire, Faye and Lisa Fucking Scott-Lee return this week with the second offering from Tears on the Dancefloor: “You Make My Hole” “You Make Me Whole” — and the group’s now officially two for two.

Bye bye, moody, self-serious downtempo dirges du jour! Au revoir, chorus-less trop-pop bops!

Once again vocally dominated by the trio of ladies (just stand still right there and look pretty, Lee — although that “you make me, you make me” bridge is quite sexy), “You Make Me Whole” kicks off with a gorgeously atmospheric intro recalling Gwen Stefani‘s “Early Winter” before transforming into a surging, blissfully nostalgic Euro-bop, squeezing in somewhere nicely between Cascada, September, Dannii and Kylie Minogue and The Saturdays. (No coincidence on the latter comparison — The Alias, frequent Sats collaborators, executive produced Tears.)

Darren Hayes excitedly teased that Tears is their very own Confessions On A Dance Floor. And so far, it sounds like he’s right.

And because LSL and company are such a giving crew, they’ve also suppled an acoustic version (!) of “Scared Of The Dark” set to a soft piano melody on this very same evening, which is absolutely lovely. Claire‘s voice!

It really doesn’t matter if Steps’ brand of escapist, earnest dance-pop isn’t in vogue at the moment in a sea of reductive Chainsmokers trend-chasers on the radio.

It’s so boldly uncool, it’s actually cool. Deal with it.