“I’ve heard it all before, and I don’t care much for rumors…”

Nadine Coyle – Queen Nuhdeen, if yuhr nahyhstayh – is back with yet another song. And this time, she’s slowing things down.

“Gossip” is now the third Xenomania-crafted track to be released in Nadine’s new solo era, following her fierce, unemployment rate-dropping 9-5 anthem “Go To Work” and glitchy girl-slash-gay empowerment belter, “Girls On Fire.”

As opposed to stepping up the BPM once again, Nadine’s opted to get slightly more serious and show off a different, more chilled-out side with the second offering from her upcoming 4-track EP in the form of a soulful, synth-y midtempo moment.

Like Lindsay Lohan, Nadine is tired of rumors starting. (And, presumably, also sick of being followed.) And, like Madonna, she’s heard it all before. (So please, don’t say ‘forgive me.’)

“Gossip” is a welcome change of sonic pace for the Derry diva. After all, some of the Almighty Aloud‘s greatest moments came in the form of their slower, shimmering offerings – “Call The Shots” and “Life Got Cold,” for example. (A Xenomania midtempo is generally always worth one’s time. “Ace Reject,” anyone?)

Lyrically, this could only be interpreted as a direct response to The Sun‘s false reports about the state of Chezza and Liam Payne‘s union. Thankfully, we’ve got Nadine by our side to shut down the shit-talkers.

Nadine Coyle Middle Finger GIF Cheryl Cole Girls Aloud

“Gossip” was released on February 23. (iTunes)

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