Sometimes we forget to live and be loved…’cause it hurts to live.

Oof, oof, oof.

Lykke Li and company — together known as liv, separately Lykke, Andrew Wyatt and Pontus Winnberg (Miike Snow), Björn Yttling (Peter Bjorn and John) and Jeff Bhasker — have just released another dreamy, melancholy production, called “Hurts to liv.”

Quite simply, it’s a matter of life and death.

“There’s nothing more life awakening than the beginning and end of life, love and art. This song is a tribute to my mother and Andrew’s father, who passed away,” says Lykke.

As with I Never Learn and most of everything she’s recorded over the past years, Lykke is a master of illustrating depression through her music. (A Saturday night #turnt track, this is not.)

Like their post-election track “Dream Awake,” it’s a haunting listen.

Everybody’s searching, tryna make the scene / Wanna be somebody as long as it ain’t me,” Andrew and Lykke duet on the aching, stripped-down tune. (It pairs well with Miley‘s twangy rebirth, for those also feeling the Younger Now era. And maybe Lana Del Rey‘s choose life anthem “Get Free” too, for that matter.)

The lyric video for “Hurts to liv” is, unfortunately, a microscopic montage of sperm — which, okay, I get it, the symbolism of life! — but I would recommend listening without the distracting visual.

“Hurts to liv” was released on September 22. (iTunes / Spotify)