“Don’t tell me that steps is illuminati”
“No pls steps don’t be illuminati or else I will kill Satan with the help of god”
“The girls are dressed in black & white (masonic); the classic illuminati hand gesture of ‘throwing up’ the pyramids and the eye of Horus. I’m surprised they are not dancing on a chequered floor! I say sadly at top of my comment as I now have to ditch them forever.”
“It seems like everybody in the industry is involved in one way or another nowadays. Such a disappointment”

The reviews are in from the brain trust working hard in the YouTube comments of the new STEPS video for “Neon Blue,” the third single off of the troupe’s excellent record Tears on the Dance Floor, and one thing’s for certain: Lisa Scott-Lee and company are cutting loose with Lucifer.

You see that dance move they’re doing? With the hands? They’re throwing up pyramids. Illuminati membership confirmed.

No wonder this comeback is going so well. I’ve heard from industry insiders that Satan’s always been a massive “Tragedy” stan, and a frequent PopJustice forum commenter. (He also commissioned Totally Scott-Lee.)

Devil dabbling aside, the video for “Neon Blue” is great. The gist is this: When all else fails and you long to be something better than you are today, there’s a place you can get away. It’s called the dance floor, and here’s what it’s for.

Each member of STEPS looks fantastic, all getting their own individual shine as they encourage us to come to NEON BLUE night at the club and dance all our troubles away. Those moves are as STEPS-y as ever. And that last scene is especially great, as Faye and Lisa happily giggle while Claire lip syncs for her life to those power vocals before a proper group hug. Aww!

It’s all so heartwarming, you almost forget that they’re ushering in the New World Order at the beck and call of Beelzebub.