‘Bboom Bboom’: Momoland Deliver 2018’s First ‘Great!’ Goofy Bop

The rookie South Korean girl group finds their sweet spot: silliness.

Meet Momoland, one of the newer rookie troupes on the South Korean girl group scene.

And, evidently, a bunch of damn dorks.

The girls were first slapped together as a seven member group through a reality TV survival program called Finding Momoland back in 2016. And then, they added two more girls – because, as Her Madgesty once proclaimed, too much is never enough.

“Bboom Bboom” is the girls’ funky fresh, irresistibly catchy lead track from their third mini-album Great! out on Wednesday (January 3) – and it’s a bop. (Bbop, rather.) The meaning of the music? “Showing off my charm so that the person I have a crush on likes me.” A relatable mission, if I’ve ever heard one.

The silly smash-ah was produced by Shinsadong Tiger and Beom & Nang, who also teamed up to craft HyunA‘s fierce and bouncy “Babe” last year.

Before this song even dropped, Momoland member JooE became a meme last summer for her blissfully insane style of dancing, which then landed her a Tropicana campaign. This mash-up of her dancing to last year’s biggest hits is especially incredible. (Moral of the story: never be afraid to make an ass of yourself.)

Gloriously, her free-of-all-fucks moves were also incorporated into this infomercial-themed music video. Don’t worry, you’ll know which one she is.

As for the rest of the colorful video? The girls sort of cover all their visual bases in one go: some cutesy girl crush charm, a serving of “edginess” with a #SomethingMoreUrban trap-tinged breakdown, and some sexual old-timey microphone grindin’ for good measure. So versatile!

Momoland’s struggled to make a serious dent in the charts since their debut while competing in an already overstuffed arena, but this song might be the one to make their mark: they’re already earning a ton of comparisons to groups that have served up sillier concepts in the past, like Orange Caramel and Crayon Pop. (It also sounds like Serebro‘s catchy “Mi Mi Mi.”)

So go all in and lean in even harder on the wackiness, girls. It’s working.

“Bboom Bboom” was released on January 3. (iTunes)

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