Girls’ Generation might be on hold indefinitely, but that isn’t stopping the girls from killing it on their own.

28-year-old singer and award winning-actress Yuri — one-half of “Secret,” one of the fiercest, most hair flip-filled songs ever released as part of SM Entertainment’s weekly SM Station series alongside fellow GG member Seohyun — is back with another contribution to the series: “Always Find You,’ a collaboration with electronic beat-maker and guitarist, Raiden.

Is it the most innovative song? Not really: it’s a fairly by-the-numbers future-bass style bop, which could sandwich itself in between any Chainsmokers, chorus beat-dropping derivative released in the past few years.

Generic construction aside, the dreamy guitar verses are beautiful and emotional, and Yuri sounds sweet pledging to be the courage in our bones while gliding across the summer-y beats.

Smartly, Yuri recorded the track in both Korean and English, which is to her benefit: the song could easily be slipped into festival sets all over the West this year.

Now bring on a whole album’s worth of producer collaborations and snatch that EDM Queen crown, Yuri.

“Always Find You” was released on January 26. (iTunes)

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Photo via Yuri.