Look, Kylie Minogue is feeling the country fantasy.

That’s not just me jumping to conclusions because of the twangy sound of “Dancing,” nor because of the line-dancing and cowboy boots-filled music video. The whole Golden album, as The Sunday Times terrifyingly put it, “sees Minogue in her new incarnation as country-music babe.”

Sure, I get that some people might be curious, or possibly even excited, to hear Kylie get her yee-haw on. And I know that others are keeping their faith in the Mighty Aphrodite’s ability to craft a solid tune regardless of genre. But I’ve lived to tell one too many times for my liking as a pop star opts to go cowboy style – and I’m mostly, very selfishly, nervous. (Our Disco Needs Her, but she might be too busy joyriding around Nashville in a Shelby ’68 this time around…)

In the meantime, there’s this momentary escape from bad dreams of banjos, gee-tars and Bud Light Dive Bar Tours: a sparkling, synth-y, stuttering ’80s remix of Kylie’s “Dancing” – now made infinitely more danceable – from the makers of That Really Good Dua Lipa “New Rules” Remix.

It’s instant Stock Aitken Waterman pop nostalgia, supplying the Gay Agenda-advancing dance floor joyousness we’ve largely come to associate with the “Spinning Around” pint-sized pop princess.

If only Initial Talk were at the helm of this project! We should be so lucky.

“Dancing” was released on January 19. (iTunes)

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Photo credit: BMG