Brazil, Britney and drag queens: I don’t need much more in this world, honestly.

Whilst we wait for B-Girl to kick off her Piece Of Me: I Swear To God Y’All This Is Definitely It The Last Run Limited Engagement Summer World Tour and finish recording her Big Secret, there’s this to tide us over as of Tuesday (May 29): a delightful visual homage, courtesy of Miss Lia Clark. (Yes, Pabllo Vittar isn’t the only Queen running the Brazilian music scene.)

“Q.M.T.” is Lia’s latest single, and within just a few seconds of watching the accompanying office-themed music video, the Spearitual inspiration immediately becomes clear: it’s the “Womanizer” video, ten years later – just #SomethingMoreBrazilian. And it’s not just “Womanizer,” either! That diamond body suit is clearly a “Toxic” nod, and the elevator moment screams “Work Bitch.” Essentially, Lia’s just living out her stan dreams and paying tribute to the Undisputed Princess of Pop™.

What a nice homage! Let’s hope Britney sees it, and then begins to prepare a #B10 collaboration featuring Lia, Pabllo and the Queen of Pop herself: Gretchen.

Gretchen Dancing

“Q.M.T.” was released on April 9. (iTunes)