Madonna, Britney & Janet Confirm New Music Is Coming

Madonna’s got a ‘Beautiful Game’ to play, Janet’s trusting the process and Britney’s got a big secret. Are you ready for what’s next?

Bonjour from gorgeous, sunny Montreal.

Normally, I wouldn’t be updating whilst on an escapade (REFERENCE), but when not one, not two, but three Queens of Pop™ decide to provide an update on their upcoming music all at the same time, exceptions are made.

Yes, that’s right: Britney, Janet and Madonna are all working on new music.

Lettuce break it down.

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First of all, Her Holy Madgesty.

Sure, we know the fourteenth album’s coming, and that Mirwais is on board to craft another Impressive Instant with the Portuguese soccer mom.

Now, it appears the music is coming sooner than we thought: if her latest (possibly stolen fan-art?) post is any indication, the track that she premiered as Monkdonna at the 2018 Met Gala, “Beautiful Game,” may soon be moving from the darkness of the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art among the rich and famous into the light of day for us mere mortals.

“That I never Learned………….Coming Soon! 🎶🎤🎧🎹 #music #magic #mirwais 👑,” Madge captioned her post on Thursday (May 17), referring to one of the lyrics in the as-of-yet unreleased track.

I’m not religious, but it makes me wanna pray…

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Then, there’s Janet – Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty.

The Icon herself is about to be honored in a major way at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards this upcoming weekend. And ahead of her sure-to-be fire performance, the Birthday Girl’s done an excellent cover story with Billboard looking back at her career – and ahead.

The whole thing is a must-read, as she speaks like a wise and compassionate prophet sent down to Earth to guide us closer to enlightenment, it’s the confirmation that she’s got something cooking in the studio again that’s really seals the deal.

Talk about the music you’re writing now.
I wish I could. I’m not trying to avoid the question and be secretive, but the truth is that I don’t try to analyze the creative process while it’s still ongoing. I’m very intuitive about writing. Anything can inspire me. This morning, I saw this lovely elderly Japanese woman walking down the streets of Hollywood wearing an adorable bonnet with bright red flowers. She might be a song. I remembered an especially painful chapter in my early life last night before going to bed. That might be a song. I woke up this morning and heard a bird chirping in a rhythm that captivated my heart. Maybe that will turn into a new groove. Like everyone else, my feelings are fluid. My ideas are fleeting. I like to keep it that way. I can’t decide in advance what a song or an album concept will be. I have to let those songs and concepts come to me rather than chase them down.

I’m glad I’m not methodical or self-conscious as a writer. It’s important that I maintain a let-it-happen-when-it-happens approach. I don’t want to strain or stress. I want to be a channel for whatever images and emotions are running through my imagination. Spontaneity is so important to me. It allows for surprise, and, for me, surprise is what breaks up the boredom of daily life. When I finally get to the music that genuinely expresses what I’m experiencing in the moment, I feel free. Music does that for me. Its healing properties are extraordinary.

This answer alone already reads like poetry.

Here’s hoping it becomes the spoken word introduction to the forthcoming Unbreakable follow-up.

And finally, there’s our tireless LGBTQ warrior, The Holy Spearit.

Whilst the world mourns the painfully missed opportunity that is “Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)” featuring Bad Bunny, Maluma, J Balvin, Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Enrique Iglesias for a surefire 2018 summer smash as Glory‘s third single, there’s one thing to make it so much bett-ah: a whole new album, instead.

The sensual seductress and enchanting mistress is doing a few little interviews as part of her participation in the 2018 Pepsi Generations campaign, a Legends Only situation which finds B-Girl, Michael Jackson and Ray Charles featured on Pepsi cans and in-store cardboard cutouts around the world, as they should be.

While the majority of these interviews have been very Food & Exerciseney-oriented, there was one tidbit thrown into the People interview that made the Britney Army positively lose it – and not in the bad way, as with the Great Tour Club Tee Disaster of 2018.

Aside from gearing up for her tour, Spears is also currently in the recording studio working on her upcoming album but staying mum on the details.

Says the star: “It’s a big secret!”

A classic cool and interesting Britney answer, but really, those four words are all we need: B10 is now officially real and happening.

Let the fan speculation and over-the-top theorizing begin: is “It’s Big (My Secret)” the name of the B10 lead single, due to drop at any second? Has she been secretly spelling out the album title using her bod-eh in these Instagram exercise videos? Will she come to Brazil?

Fans are already getting hay-zay because of an album pre-order that went live on Amazon set for June 29, but knowing Team B, this is almost surely the Glory: Tour Edition released in Japan last year now coming to the territories she’s hitting on the Piece Of Me: I’m Telling Y’All This Is The Last Run Super Limited Engagement I Swear Tour. Nevertheless, a new era awaits.

Three of the highest members in the pop royalty hierarchy are all gearing up to reassert their positions on the throne. Bow down, and brace yourselves accordingly.

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