‘Love Lasts Forever’: All Saints Return to Deliver Their ‘Testament’

All Saints are back for more, demonstrating how to do this girl group thing right after two decades.

All Saints are a great example of what any girl group – or any group in general, really – should strive to become if they last long enough in the game.

Following 2016’s Red Flag, the long-running, record-setting UK troupe is back at it once once again this year, lucky enough for us, to supply us with a brand new album called Testament, out on July 13. (As a reminder, the girls first debuted with their self-titled studio album in 1997 – at a time when the Spice Girls also ruled the world.)

The campaign’s already off and running as of Thursday (May 31) with the lead single, “Love Lasts Forever,” which was co-written by member Shaznay Lewis and longtime collaborator Karl “KGee” Gordon, who also produced the track.

It sounds, as one could only hope, exactly like All Saints, just upgraded to 2018 with flourishes of slick modern production. It’s not forced, though: there’s no trend-hopping, no trop-pop beat drops, no convenient features from of-the-moment flashes in the pan. Just singalong-ready pop melodies, gorgeous harmonizing and soaring strings. (The track really goes off in the bridge at the 2:30 mark – those yelps!)

It’s also quite soothing, and for good reason: it’s a message from Mom!

“I wrote it about my son, actually. Just about him growing and changing and having to go off to a big school. Just a message of saying even though these big things are coming into your life, as a family, we’re still there for you, and there’s always love, and you’ve always got that and you’ll be okay,” Shaznay revealed in an interview on BBC Radio 2 – before starting to get emotional. Aww…

Expect to hear William Orbit – the man responsible for the group’s own smashes “Pure Shores” and “Black Coffee” (and an album called Ray of Light by an indie rapper or something named Madonna) – on the album as well. And more!

“This album feels exactly where we should be – and want to be – right now creatively. We worked extremely hard to make sure every sound on this album was exactly right, alongside my right-hand man KGee – and the girls made sure we kept this album heading in the direction that felt right for us as a band. I really enjoyed writing this album with some very talented producers including Karl “KGee” Gordon, Fred Ball, Hutch, and a brilliant young producer George Moore who’s new to our team who brought a whole new flavour to the record. A highlight was reuniting with the king of beautiful interesting sounds, William Orbit, which was just amazing,” said Shaznay.

“Making this album has been an incredible experience. I’ve had the best journey and, as always, endless fun and laughter with my girls! Every song on the album means something to me that’s why I love it so much! I’m so super proud of it,” added Nicole Appleton.

When the time is right, I’m gonna show ya.

It’s rare to have a girl group still doing it this good.

“Love Lasts Forever” was released on May 31. (iTunes)

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