Róisín Murphy is capable of love. Err. Right?

Well. Maybe not.

“Incapable” is the Irish singer-songwriter-disco-pop-pioneer’s latest offering since supplying a handful of singles last year, and it’s a girthy one: an over 8-minute long hypnotic House contemplation about living life without ever having had a broken heart, to be exact.

Joining the ranks of “Simulation,” “Jealousy,” and her other seemingly endless dance floor monsters, the song finds Róisín taking her sweet, sweet time cooly cooing, lusting and sassily yelping her inner thoughts and insecurities aloud across a Pride day party-friendly disco-infused groove, crafted alongside longtime collaborator Richard Barratt.

Never had a broken heart / Am I incapable of love? / Never seen me fall apart / I must be incapable of love,” she ponders. Is she, do you think? Or does she just need to keep swiping right a bit more?

It’s no secret that Róisín’s only strayed further from “mainstream” and gone increasingly experimental with her sound over the years. And while “Incapable” is still unlike the laser-focused, radio-friendly construction of the songs on her 2007 opus Overpowered in terms of structure, it’s sonically in the same neighborhood – or discotheque, rather.

“‘Incapable’ was a little experiment in songwriting for me. I thought it might be fun to write from a point of view totally opposite to the usual heartbreak and despair. This diva is mildly concerned at her own lack of feeling and it’s beginning to dawn on her that there will be no love without pain. When it came to the imagery, for some reason I wanted a huge perm. Perhaps in my mind, a character so untouched by the pain of heartbreak would also have huge mounds of luxurious hair?” she said of the song – and the single’s super glam, ’80s-tastic retro cover art – to DIY.

This one’s for the unbroken heart-having, luxurious hair-having souls who haven’t found love in a hopeless place. Yet, anyway.

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“Incapable” was released on June 5. (iTunes)