Here’s the thing: in the late ’00s, in the midst of the reign of Girls Aloud and Sugababes, The Saturdays, while overshadowed, quietly delivered the most consistent supply of top quality pop bops.

Sure, their personalities as individuals weren’t quite as memorable (sorry!) or headline-grabbing: they didn’t spill out of bars or get into bathroom brawls like the Aloud, nor did they endure numerous line-up changes and engage in public squabbles like the ‘Babes.

But when Life Got Cold for the last time for the Almighty Aloud (still don’t want to talk about it) and the Sugas finally ran out of founding members, the Sats carried the girl group torch for a few years longer and served up a discography that, frankly, is among the very best in terms of modern girl groups. (Finest Selection was a perfect choice of title for their Greatest Hits package.)

Naturally, a key part of their discography wasn’t made available – or, at least, definitely not here in America. Until now.

Wordshaker, their sophomore record, is finally available on streaming services.

Originally released in 2009, Wordshaker is essentially wall-to-wall perfect pop bangers, from “Forever Is Over,” to “Ego,” to “One Shot.” All of the album tracks – “Lose Control,” “2 am,” “Deeper,” co-written by the girls! – are every bit as excellent, too. “Not Good Enough”! “Not good enough for may!” The songcraft is undeniable. (Ina Wroldsen, who’s still killing it in 2018, co-wrote a majority of the tracks as the unofficial sixth Saturdays member.)

This is a major coup for Sats stans, and enthusiasts of UK girl groups and pop music in general. Enjoy this blessed distraction from the comparatively dire modern pop landscape.

Forever is over at last.