“You know who I am. Name’s on my necklace.”

HYO, The Artist Formerly Known as Kim Hyo-yeon of Girls’ Generation, is hungry for more.

Following her debut as DJ HYO with “Sober” earlier in April (which I spoke to her about for Paper), as well as providing a lil’ touch in Girls’ Generation sub-unit Oh!GG, the 29-year-old girl group superstar-turned soloist-turned DJ pioneer just dropped a brand new tune on Tuesday (November 13) called “Punk Right Now” with 3LAU – because as we know, nothing is more punk than a K-Pop Queen and an EDM producer teaming up for a collaboration on the dance floor.

In keeping with what she did with “Sober,” and perfectly timed for the cross-cultural tidal wave hitting the West, Hyo’s delivered not only a Korean version of the song, but an English version too. And, like “Sober,” she’s coming in hot with sass. Like, a lot.


With “Sober,” Hyo made it clear she’s not looking for love – she’s here for a good time. She’s only driving the point further with “Punk Right Now,” an even more in-your-face burst of braggadocio.

“I am….rrrreckless,” she trills. Obviously that’s the best lyric.

I’m a rebel. I don’t need no breakfast” is also the best lyric.

Don’t you understand that I slay?” That’s also the best lyric. Also “I got my sunnies on…on the subway.

Just kidding: the actual best lyric is: “I eat gluten. They say I shouldn’t.

Who among us can handle all this rebellious behavior?

The track is, to no one’s surprise, a modern EDM-style beat dropper, but the chorus declaration is delicious in the most delightfully ironic of ways: “I’m so punk right now!

S.M. Entertainment-backed, mainstream fashion brand-covered Queen of Anarchy.

The song’s definitely a smasher for gym sessions – and who knows, maybe even some EDM festival cameos are in the works – and Hyo’s bad-ass, gluten-gobbling attitude, combined with that “Cotton Eye Joe”-esque choreography, is completely infectious. (She’s not cocky. She just loves herself…bitch.) It’s honestly all kind of insane in the best way.

Hyo might not necessarily get the same streaming love that some of her fellow GG bandmates get, but that’s life.

Besides: she’s just too damn punk to be bothered.

“Punk Right Now” was released on November 13. (iTunes)

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Photo credit: S.M. Entertainment