BLACKPINK Kill This Love

‘Kill This Love’: BLACKPINK’s Back to Kick (Br)ass

BLACKPINK’s back in our area at last – and they’re aiming to kill.

BLACKPINK‘s back in our area – and quite frankly, they ought to just look into getting a sublet or something because these frequent visits are getting kind of ridiculous. Kidding! May they buy a house and remain in our area forever and ever. (And may we all remain forever young.)

Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo have indeed returned to us, brass blaring and guns blazing, to bring about the revolution yet again with “Kill This Love,” the lead single and title track off of their new EP.

Leaning in on their status as the premiere K-pop crossover crusaders (a Billboard cover story, a history-making Coachella slot and a U.S. headlining tour – yeah, they’re The Ones), the girls are more powerful and confident than ever in their latest song and accompanying visual smorgasbord of a music video.

The looks alone in this video: Swan Princess Jennie?! Lisa wreaking havoc in the candy-coated cereal aisle? Jisoo’s artsy-fartsy reflection? Rosé running Rosé over in her getaway car? (Me next, Rosé!) The Tomb Raider styling? The bear trap stage?! Sorry, I’m just shouting things at this point. Every frame is impeccable. Seriously. It’s all just so stunning. (Western pop stars should be ashamed of their music videos, as per usual.)

The song itself is, I’d say, a grower: it’s not quite as instant of a (kill this) love as “DDU-DU DDU-DU” or “Boombayah” or “As If It’s Your Last,” but it is a big, bold blast of militant energy and fierce attitude, 2NE1 style (this is a YG song, no doubt!) – and there’s no denying that if anyone, these are the girls right for the job of delivering this kind of aggressive, in-your-face production.

The song’s also probably going to go down big when it’s performed live as the girls storm the stage stateside. Most of all, it all looks and sounds exciting, genuinely, at a time when it’s hard to feel much of anything.

As far as being the most visible ambassadors of girl group K-pop to the international community (they’ve already broken another streaks of YouTube view records with this video, and it’s been like…an hour), they’re doing a great job of proving why there are much more exciting options around the world than consuming whatever’s being peddled on Top 40 radio. Although, one day, they might just wind up on the airwaves stateside too.

Unfortunately, the girls have failed to kill this love. In fact, they’ve only made it stronger. #Blink4Life

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“Kill This Love” was released on April 4. (iTunes)

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