Tinashe Save Room For Us

‘Save Room For Us’: Tinashe Sparks Joy in Japan

Tinashe and company twirl around Tokyo in a “thank you” visual for her most-streamed track from ‘Songs For You.’

Tinashe is truly living her best life.

From the moody mixtape days of the early ’10s (can you believe that’s a thing we can say as we enter into 2020?), to the major label era of Aquarius onward, to a return to her DIY roots, the 26-year-old entertainer’s come full circle with her career – and she looks like she’s fully in her groove again.

While her time at RCA wasn’t all bad (Nightride forever, still), if Songs For You is an indication of anything, it’s that Tinashe operates best when she’s fully got the reigns in hand as an independent artist. In terms of actual artistry, she’s smooth sailing again after hitting some speed bumps along her joyride.

Among the varied tracks on her new LP, the warm, pulsating “Save Room For Us” with MAKJ was an obvious standout from the start. Like “Dancing On My Own,” and so many classics of the Crying at the Discotheque genre before, you really can’t go wrong with a little jealousy (and wishful thinking) on the dance floor.

Smartly, Tinashe’s catered to her base – the track is the most streamed song from the album – with a “thank you” in the form of a music video shot in Japan.

The Stephen Garnett-directed visual appropriately feels just as free as the artist herself does these days, as she serves up some carefree moves and stunts in some stylish looks in the streets and subways of Tokyo. There’s not much to it, plot-wise: it’s just Tinashe and company (REFERENCE) having some fun bopping around the city. (Very jealous of the idea of getting to explore around Tokyo, by the way.)

Why Japan for this song? Unclear. Tokyo always makes for a gorgeous music video backdrop. Or, perhaps she binged Tidying Up With Marie Kondo earlier in the year, which compelled her to KonMari method her own music career, discarding what no longer serves her to make room for that which still sparks joy.

In any case, it’s working, and seeing Tinashe do it her way again is as much of a treat as it was years ago.

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