Aly & AJ Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor

‘Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor’: Aly & AJ Are Ready for Battle

Aly & AJ (& Joan of Arc) are armed and ready with an absurd, unexpected club banger.

Joan of Arc was canonized as a saint for her pivotal role in leading France to victory in the Hundred Years’ War. Aly & AJ released “Potential Breakup Song.” Their respective accomplishments are nearly identical in cultural impact, so it was only a matter of time before these women all came together in song.

“Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor,” the new single by the act formally known as Godly & SlayJ out on Friday (May 8), is not only an after-hours club banger that has absolutely no business being released mid-quarantine (rude of them, frankly), but proof that it is now time for the girls to hard pivot to dance. (Me, requesting more dance music? Bet you didn’t see that one coming.)

While the Into the Rush sister act have proven time and time again to be unbelievably well-equipped to deliver wistful synth-pop since going it on their own post-Disney (get into Ten Years at once, if you haven’t been following along for the ride), it’s now clearly time for them to dig their heels – and swords – even deeper into the dance floor.

“Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor” is like a modern nod to freestyle, as if Shannon‘s “Let the Music Play” or Rockell‘s “In a Dream” got a moody 2020 makeover. Plus Game of Thrones. And maybe something we could have heard on Eurovision from, like…Bodies Without Organs? (Who remembers this most obscure reference?)

We don’t stop / Until mascara’s on the dance floor! / We say no / Joan of Arc is on the dance floor,” they righteously declare.

It’s so good. It’s so unexpected. It’s so…camp.

I mean: “Knights in armor hide under eyeliner / Lights are low, the night will take us higher.” This is borderline Lady Gaga The Fame-era lyrical hilarity – in the best way possible, obviously.

What’s all that got to do with Ms. Of Arc, exactly?

“The song is an anthem for anyone who has been misunderstood or wrongly accused. It reminds us to fight for what we truly believe in, even if it comes at a cost or sacrifice,” the girls – ever the LGBTQ allies – said in a statement.

It’s time to dance. See you on the dance floor with Joan, Aly and AJ…erm, eventually, when it is safe to do so.

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Photo credit: @AlyAndAJ

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