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Inna, ‘Sober’: The Romanian Queen of Pop’s Done It Again at Home

Romania’s dependable dance-pop diva simply does not miss.

Inna, Romanian Queen of Pop™, has done it again. But then, when hasn’t Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu done exactly what she needed to do?

The 33-year-old Romanian superstar has remained a consistent, tried-and-true supplier of dance-pop anthems from the very beginning, starting with her worldwide global smash “Hot” in 2008. (You know it, even if you think you don’t. You’ve heard it out somewhere.)

Part of the charm of Inna is her sheer prolificness. If you’re not into the latest Inna single, don’t worry: there’s inevitably a new one around the corner in a matter of weeks.

And so, we have the Freedo-produced “Sober,” the latest surefire smash, released on May 6. It comes one month after her last single, “Not My Baby,” which was an obvious hit from first play. However, it didn’t quite set the Romanian charts ablaze, stalling at No. 95. Shockingly, even Romania gets it wrong sometimes.

Not to worry, though! She’s right back at it, still amid a pandemic no less, with an instantly infectious isolation anthem dedicated to dreaming of a sober encounter up close and personal with a special someone.

Is it ever gonna stop? Will there ever be a chance our hearts will cross?” she ponders across the pre-chorus – an all-too-real sentiment at the moment.

The chorus is an instantly catchy chant: “I just wanna get to know you when we’re sober / Call you over, get you closer / I just really wanna take this rollercoaster to the sofa / Baby, can I get to know you when we’re sober?

And that post-chorus beat break? Hypnotic.

While Inna’s music is generally the stuff of late night escapist revelry, this one is slightly more, well…sobering, though still armed with an intoxicating four-on-the-floor beat – perfect for an introspective dance party at home.

And in fact, that’s exactly what she’s served up in the accompanying black-and-white “Home Edition” music video, which finds our lonely heroine writhing around in a chair, glass in hand, putting her YSL heels up against a wall. Such a fierce queen. (Speaking of fierce queens, when will we see the return of her Romanian super-group, G Girls?)

Thank you Inna for your continued dance floor service, even in these most socially distanced of times.

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