Allie X Super Duper Party People

Allie X’s ‘Super Duper Party People’ Gets the Remix Treatment

Cousn, and the legendary Alan Braxe, give Allie’s song a makeover.

No one is having much fun at all right now, and anything even remotely party-related feels taboo, but Allie X is doing her best to provide us with fond memories of less socially distanced activities. (Remember those?)

After releasing another rock-solid set of gloomy, gorgeous pop cuts earlier in the year, Cape God – get into that, if you haven’t already – Allie’s gone and given one of the more uptempo, lighthearted songs in the collection an even more “up” experience in the form of a series of remixes, and the first crop of the reimagined cuts just landed on Friday (July 10).

Always one to demonstrate her taste level, Allie’s selected dance duo Cousn to do the duty, as well as none other than the legendary Alan Braxe to put his French touch on the track. Britney fans will already know him from his iconic remix of “Anticipating” for the 12″ French pressing, but he’s also delivered major mixes across over two decades for everyone from Björk to Kelis to Beyoncé. A legend, indeed.

The Braxe edit supplies a sparkling and nostalgic, almost early Annie-esque chill disco affair suitable for a (responsibly distanced) summer poolside session, while Cousn’s more late night, laser-y, four-to-the-floor take calls for a smoke-filled dance floor…at some point in the future, anyway.

All the girls and the boys (and everyone across the gender spectrum) on the dance floor are nowhere to be found at the moment, but let’s keep that morale up by practicing those dance moves at home. We will be super duper partying people again one day.

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Photo credit: Brendon Burton

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