When it comes to Jessie Ware, there is no shortage of pleasure.

After releasing one of the best records of 2020 – What’s Your Pleasure?, get into if you’ve somehow not already done so – the singer-songwriter and podcast host extraordinaire is capping off a year of professional highs with a remix of the very first song that kicked off the campaign.

“Adore You (Endless Remix)”, mixed by producer and DJ Sihan, isn’t just a makeover of the song: it’s also a collaboration, and a rather unexpected one at that.

Chinese singer and actress Bibi Zhou, who first catapulted to fame as a finalist on the massively popular 2005 singing competition Super Girl and has since gone on to become an award-winning superstar in her own right, guests on the comparatively chilly remix, perfect for a bleary after hours comedown, or a moody soundtrack to the seasonal depression settling in at home this winter.

Bibi sings in Chinese in her contribution to the downtempo mix, recalling Lykke Li‘s so sad, so sexy, and providing some deep, thought-provoking lyricism along the way: “Maybe just cover your eyes to see more distant stars clearly,” she (roughly) advises.

It all came together after Bibi, who is a fan, approached Jessie with a proposal – for a collaboration, that is.

“I’ve always loved Jessie’s music – her voice sounds like a star shining in the swirl of the universe, whilst mine is icy and cold, like I’m hiding my emotions. This is the angle I wanted to bring to this new version of ‘Adore You’ – a magical chemical chain reaction. I’m so happy we were able to communicate through our music to create this version of ‘Adore You,'” she poetically explained.

“I’m so thrilled that Bibi Zhou & Sihan asked to remix and work with me on this version of ‘Adore You’. It’s a song close to my heart and this version has a totally different feel to it. So beautiful – I can’t wait for people to enjoy this,” adds Jessie.

The end result adds even more depth to the already rich and sophisticated production that is What’s Your Pleasure?, giving the song another dimension and stretching out the accompanying album campaign out even further – as it most certainly deserves.

What’s Your Pleasure? is out now on vinyl.

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Photo credit: Carlijn Jacobs / @smilelikeachild