Ariana Grande Positions

Ariana Grande’s “Positions” Is a Sexy #Vers Anthem

There’s no position Ari won’t fill. Vers rights!

Ariʸᵘʰna Grande is finally back, and filling some new “positions.” (Mainly Commander-in-chief, but more on that in just a bit.)

Granted, the tiny “Touch It” vocalist hasn’t been gone all that long: thank u, next came out a year ago, followed by k bye for now, her Sweetener World Tour live album at the tail-end of December. She also dropped a charity single with Justin Bieber earlier in 2020, then blasted off to Chromatica to Give the Gays (or, at the very least, Frankie) Everything They Wanted™ with Lady Gaga on the depressed-but-dancin’-anyway anthem, “Rain on Me.”

Like the past few records in her quickly growing discography, Ari’s solidly in a midtempo R&B state of mind on her new single released on Friday (October 23), returning right back down to Earth after briefly blasting off with Gaga into the dance floor-oriented pop territory she once dominated in the earlier days, circa “Break Free.”

Ari co-penned the slinky switch-up ode with Angelina Barrett, Brian Vincent Bates, Nija (who also co-penned “Rain on Me”) and constant collaborator Victoria Monét (who is having a moment of her own right now with a bisexual banger), and the track was produced by London On Da Track, Tommy Brown and Mr. Franks.

The subject matter? Well, Ari’s truly the girl of our dreams, because there simply isn’t a position she won’t fill. She can, and will, do it all for you.

Boy, I’m tryna meet your mama on a Sunday / And make a lotta love on a Monday / Never need no, no one else, babe, ’cause I’ll be / Switchin’ the positions for you / Cookin’ in the kitchen and I’m in the bedroom / I’m in the Olympics, way I’m jumping through hoops, she melodically pledges.

This some shit that I usually don’t do / But for you, I kinda, kinda want to,” she confesses on the bridge. (Kinda sounds like a Grindr message sent out of desperation at 3 AM, but I digress.)

She really said #vers rights! And it’s surely the best ode to being down for whatever since The Saturdays “What About Us?” and, well, Kelly Rowland‘s “Down for Whatever.”

The accompanying music video further illustrates her point, as she assumes the role of Madam President (dear God, if only her name was on the ballot this year instead), asserting herself in boardroom meetings and inside the Oval Office while simultaneously showing off her prowess in the kitchen, and in the bedroom, and outside as an expert (?) dog-walker all at the same time.

World leader! Bedroom seductress! She’ll prepare a delicious soufflé, diffuse the trade war with China, and then peg you – it’s all in a day’s work when you’re Ariana Grande.

While the song isn’t dramatically different than the general chilled-out vibe she’s explored throughout the past few years, it’s certainly one of the more smooth, sexy and immediately replay-friendly grooves Ariana’s served up in a while. The intricately layered vocal production is top-notch to no surprise, and all those heaven-sent melodies and adlibs are like buttah.

It’s a solid start to the campaign for Ari’s upcoming sixth studio album, which is due to arrive – let me just check my countdown – oh, right: in exactly one week. see u soon.

Yours Truly, My Everything and Dangerous Woman are now available on vinyl.

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