Rihanna Savage x Fenty Vol. 2

“Real High”: Rihanna’s ‘R9’ Tease at the Savage X Fenty Show

The thirst for ‘R9’ only grows stronger with each day.

The Savage X Fenty Vol. 2 show is now on Amazon Prime Video. If you can, I highly suggest you watch it over the weekend.

Talk about “this is the future that liberals want”: everything about that show felt fresh, modern and effortlessly cool, just like the crih-ator and Navy commander herself, Rihanna.

The sheer diversity of bodies – genders, sizes, skin tones – the choreography, the confidence, the inclusivity, the sexuality, the normalization of drag, the intricate and innovative presentation of fashion in motion rather than just a traditional catwalk, the complimentary lighting and sleek set design, the wide array of global talent providing hype performances (Rosalía! Bad Bunny, baby!) and surprise cameos at every turn (Lizzo! Demi Moore! Erika Jayne! Bella Hadid! Indya Moore! Paris! Normani! Shea Coulee! Gigi Goode!) – it was a phenomenal display of dance, music and fashion, especially considering this was all pulled off in a pandemic world.

She’s only two shows in thus far with the brand, but Rih is already making a case for the Savage x Fenty show to become one of the year’s biggest music and fashion spectacles. Honestly, it kind of already is. (And yes, the menswear line is entirely sold out already. My dream of lounging in Savage x Fenty boxers will have to wait a little bit longer.)

And then, of course, there was the music soundtracking the experience – from N.E.R.D. to Die Antwoord – but specifically as Rihanna made her flower-coated debut in the mystical garden sequence, Poison Ivy style.

As the Navy was quick to discover, the powerful instrumental that Rihanna strutted, smoldered and stunned her way through the flower-filled stage was credited to Rihanna herself, and titled “Real High” – which matches a recent listing in the GEMA repertoire.

That’s right: a rare, succulent taste of new Rihanna, presumably from the eternally delayed R9.

“A new song titled #RealHigh written by @rihanna, producer Beam, rapper Haiti Babii & reggae producer Almando Cresso has been registered in the GEMA repertoire. The #SavageXFentySHOW is also listed under what appears to be the instrumental version of the track,” the ever-reliable FentyStats noted back in September.

Fans are already excitedly clamoring about the nasty beat, with some comparing it to Talk That Talk‘s “Cockiness (Love It).”

Whatever it sounds like, it sounds good – and even just seeing her powerfully reign throughout this fashion show felt like a much-needed morsel to tide us over until the eventual Rih-turn.

Photo credit: Savage x Fenty

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