Robyn is reminiscing about less socially distanced days.

The Swedish Queen of Pop™ marked the two year anniversary of her sad, sweetly resilient record Honey – still a triumph! – with a message to fans on Monday (October 26), as well as a very groovy remix, which incorporates Chic‘s classic “I Want Your Love,” to keep the album’s memory alive – and it’s especially well-suited for the disco revival in popular music at the moment.

“Today it is two years since my album, Honey, was released. I’m happy we are celebrating it by making a @kindnessmusic remix of ‘Send To Robin Immediately’ available on Soundcloud at They made it whilst we were touring last year,” she wrote.

“I feel lucky that I got to tour with this album before we all had to change our ways of socialising and sharing ceremonial experiences. That space seems to be hijacked by social media and a chaotic stream of information right now,” she continued.

“I’m feeling the love from all of you who are still listening to this album and it means a lot to me. I love hearing about your connection to the music. For me it’s a reminder that there are still shared experiences even though they are really hard to grasp without physical spaces to gather in and I feel fortunate to be able to feel that way. Let’s keep holding a space together.”

If you somehow didn’t hear it the first time around, it’s a great time to discover Honey. And if you have, go ahead and have another taste in celebration.

Honey is still available in CD and vinyl.

Photo credit: Konichiwa Records