Hikaru Utada Reveals ‘SCIENCE FICTION’ Track List, Including a New Song

“Electricity” is on the way.

It’s time to go traveling back to the future, because SCIENCE FICTION is nearly here.

Hikaru Utada‘s first (?) best-of compilation album is set to drop on April 10, just ahead of the forthcoming HIKARU UTADA SCIENCE FICTION TOUR 2024 throughout Japan, and now also Taipei and Hong Kong. (Have you entered into the lottery for tickets yet? I have, and I’m absolutely terrified.)

The upcoming album chronicles “the artist’s journey through their 25 year musical career,” including 10 songs with 2024 mixes, re-recordings of “Addicted to You,” “Hikari” and “traveling,” a new edit of “Somewhere Near Marseilles,” their gorgeous new single “Naniirodemonai Hana (A Flower of No Color)” – as well as a brand new song, called “Electricity” – said to be releasing “soon,” per the press release. (I’m guessing it’s not a cover of the Dua Lipa and Silk City track, but here’s hoping it’s got the same energy.)

Although there’s no way one double-disc album could appropriately cover the full range of Hikaru’s career – it’s missing several No. 1 hits, like “Be My Last,” “Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro,” “Movin’ On Without You” and “Wait & See (Risk),” let alone the deep cuts! – this is still a pretty good overview. Just don’t keep staring at it for long, or you’ll keep noticing songs that are missing. “Heart Station”! “Sakura Nagashi”! “PASSION.”

For all the rest of the info on the upcoming tour, the album packaging, and everything in between, click here.


[DISC 1]

Addicted To You (Re-recording)
First Love (2022 Mix)
Hanataba wo Kimi ni
One Last Kiss
SAKURA Drops (2024 Mix)
Can You Keep A Secret? (2024 Mix)
Prisoner Of Love (2024 Mix)
Hikari (Re-recording)
Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version- (2024 Mix)
Goodbye Happiness (2024 Mix)

[DISC 2]

traveling (Re-recording)
Beautiful World (2024 Mix)
Automatic (2024 Mix)
Kimini Muchuu
Naniirodemonai Hana (A Flower of No Color)
Letters (2024 Mix)
COLORS (2024 Mix)
Nijikan Dake no Vacance featuring Sheena Ringo
Gold -Mata Au Hi Made-
[Bonus Track] Somewhere Near Marseilles (Sci-Fi Edit)

You can pre-order the limited edition and regular edition right here.

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