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“There’s Not Much I Haven’t Ridden”: Kylie Minogue & Jessie Ware Wine & Dine

Jessie Ware and Kylie Minogue, dream dinner guests, discuss ‘Disco,’ food and Paul Newman.

Jessie Ware has not only one of the best albums of the year in the form of What’s Your Pleasure?, but one of the most enjoyable podcasts as well: Table Manners, alongside her charming and oft-hilarious mother, Lennie.

Kylie Minogue is not only an almighty pop icon and soon-to-be haver of one of the other best albums of the year in the form of Disco (hopefully), but also a budding sommelier, having just launched an already successful line of wines, Wines by Kylie Minogue.

Together, the two make for dream dinner party guests – and that, more or less, is the experience of listening to the two chat over splashes, cooking noises, chirping birds (!) and nostalgic storytelling on the latest episode of Table Manners.

A lifelong stan, Jessie and her mother can barely contain their excitement as they lovingly bombard the Impossible Princess from the get-go with their questions about her prolific career – from Neighbours with Jason Donovan to the “Spinning Around” 50p gold lame hot pants. And yes, there are even guinea pigs involved.

In fact, sometimes Jessie’s almost too nice, at one point asking if Kylie’s got any career regrets, but then kindly giving her a pass on providing any of the specific details. (No, we need the dirt! Which single selection is Kylie kicking herself about late at night?)

Refusing to put Kylie on the spot aside, the banter is all very fun and friendly and heartwarming, as Kylie recalls her earliest days of breaking into the entertainment industry, with young sis Dannii Minogue dominating Young Talent Time as she recorded her first demos, including Donna Summer‘s “Dim All the Lights” – hello, Disco!

Kylie also discusses writing in the early days with “the “Hit Factory,” Mike Stock, Matt Aitken, and Pete Waterman, and eventually finding her way into the writing room and becoming more hands-on with her music over the years, as well as the ways the industry’s since changed.

In another moment of standom, Jessie marvels at Kylie’s massive pop concert productions, like flying into stadiums on top of giant props.

“This is going to come out wrong…there’s not much I haven’t ridden,” Kylie responds.

“The angel, the horse, you name it, in stupid heels and trying to sing at the same time.”

Cowboy style with a peaceful smile indeed, Miss Minogue.

Kylie also gets candid about the rush of adrenaline from touring, and feeling the high for about two weeks after a tour until crashing into the post-tour depression, as well as the withdrawal from not being able to attain those adrenaline peaks at all in 2020, given the current global circumstances. She’s hungry to put on a show and feel that feeling again, needless to say.

Jessie and Kylie don’t dabble too, too much into Disco tidbits, although Kylie gets to pat herself on the back for her vocal engineering skills, which we know she’s acquired while in lockdown – to the point where she’s even giving herself a credit on the record. Jessie also reveals that she’s heard the album, and says there are French disco influences, like Daft Punk.

Kylie gives the love right back and gushes over What’s Your Pleasure?, to which Jessie explains she was doing her best Kylie impression on the title track – and then Kylie chastises her for not just calling her up to collaborate on the song or write together. The time is now, Jessie: Kylie’s literally in your kitchen. Make the arrangements. This needs to happen.

Oh, and as for the forthcoming plans to hit the road…if it’s ever allowed: “My dream would be to perform in the round, have the world’s biggest disco ball above, and make it a big love fest,” Kylie says of her dream tour for Disco.

And as for her own dream dinner guests? Well. At least we now know that Kylie is very, very horny for Paul Newman. (“He’s the one!“)

Do yourselves a big favor, in between your listening sessions of The Meaning of Mariah Carey, and have a listen to two of this year’s dance floor saviors immersed in a wonderful conversation.

What’s Your Pleasure? was released in June. Disco will be released on November 6.

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