V.B. for Marc Spring collection continues..

Excuse me miss, but are you aware there's a shrubbery growing atop your bob?

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Daily B: Rather Toned

Though entirely inappropriate considering her current mindset, it's important to note that Britney is still fit:

A bit too Winehouse-in-the-summer for my taste though, y/n? I like my Britney served with meat and a dash of crazy, thanks.

Meanwhile, Piece of Me has hit #2 in the midweeks in the U.K. and #1 in Ireland. No doubt due mainly to my face being on the cover of the fan edition.


EDIT: Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets of Beverly Hills:

Oh dear. Really now, this is getting a bit ridiculous.

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[REVIEW] Temposhark - The Invisible Line

Last week, I received the entire debut album of Temposhark, a U.K. electro-rock band I've spoken about before, to put under review. Read on to hear about Temposhark's album, The Invisible Line:

The album sure starts with a bang of sorts. I'm still not sure what to make of "Don't Mess With Me," the manic, string-filled declaration of dominance devoted to taunting potential foes and maintaining control. It's tongue in cheek and strange, and quite a curious way to begin the album. "Don't mess with me / 'Cause all your heads are gonna roll / I've made your misery my goal / So if you want survival, kneel on my arrival / Cause this is how I rule the world," Rob explodes after the two minute mark. It's daunting and unexpected, but the track plays like a musical soundtrack, rather than a pop record.

In comes "Joy," and I'm in familiar territory. One of my favorites, "Joy" is a juicy stomper on top of delicious synth-electro. Rob's voice is top quality in "Joy," and so is the production. "Blame," another killer track, The lyrics are riddled with proclamations of power and dominance, which makes the arrival of "It's Better To Have Loved," as well as "Winter's Coming" so well received. "It's Better To Have Loved" has been noticeably reworked with a few extra blips in the backtrack, but is otherwise polished to near perfection, while "Not That Big" with Imogen Heap has improved since my initial listen a year ago, profiting from the inclusion of additional vocal acrobatics by Heap.

There are a few missteps; The mid-tempo seductive beat of "Crime" is too similar to "Little White Lie" for my taste. But overall, the musical variety of the album is comforting, especially as the album draws to a close with "Invisible Ink," a minimalist, pensive track, in which Rob slowly coos "Don't leave the world without making them think / Don't leave the world without changing something."

My personal favorite, "Winter's Coming" is a perfect album closer. The song is a strict reversal of sound; anxious breathiness replace Rob's usually confident vocals, making room for a much richer, deeper musical experience, similar to the styling of Darren Hayes, that wins me over in this soaring ballad produced by Guy Sigsworth.

Overall, The Invisible Line is an album that toys with conceptions of contempt and greed, power and longing within the simplest of lyrics and catchiest of melodies. Many of the tracks are fun, chorus-heavy synth-stompers with deliciously sinister hooks, yet there are inklings of a more mature, eclectic sound hidden deep beneath the glossed layers.

Overall Grade: A-

Please remember to buy Temposhark's The Invisible Line at Amazon.co.uk or their official site.

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Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs, Spring '08.

Rather chic, y/n? I love what they've done with her face!

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Someone take away the markers.

I almost forgot, Sia's album Some People Have Real Problems came out two days ago! Unless you downloaded when it leaked about four years ago. Well, not that long, but it was a damn shame that it leaked so early on. Sia is such a mysteriou little talent. You may know her from her work with Zero 7, as the vocalist on some of their tracks. She's got a tortured, complex voice that often resembles the jazzed, undecipherable stylings of Amy Winehouse. She had a bit of a nervous breakdown after the initial success of her first album, but she's brought it back with her second and third albums. This third effort is probably her most melodic and mainstream yet. I found her when I was bawling my eyes out like a little bitch during the series finale of Six Feet Under, when her luscious "Breathe Me" came on, and I suddenly had to know who was singing. It's still my most played Sia track by far, but I realize it's nice to listen to her other tracks sometimes too.

Volume's a bit low on this, sorry. Just a sampler for you all.

DL: Sia - Little Black Sandals

Don't forget to buy Sia's album, Some People Have Real Problems at Amazon!

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I'm The...Other One.

This is rather disappointing, indeed. It seems that Kylie's "The One," is not an original track, but rather a re-working of an older track called "I'm The One" released in 2006 by Laid featuring Emma. And though Emma is featured as a writer for the track in the booklet notes, it's nonetheless disappointing that the track was not referred to. The song's lyrics are different in the verses, but the throbbing beat and chorus are clearly identical. Is Kylie's better? Yes, worlds better, but this is also quite lovely.

DL: Laid ft. Emma - I'm The One

Source: supes77 at Kylie.Com forums

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Off and On and Off and On

Oh my GOD.

That's the proper response to this masterpiece, unjustifiably left OFF the Overpowered album by Róisín Murphy. On paper, the track should have meant enough to keep on: Calvin Harris ("The Girls") and Cathy Dennis ("Toxic," anyone?). The back track could have been lifted from any video game from the eighties, but the crunch beat is pure futuristic. "Off and On," like the rushing ABBA sample of Madonna's "Hung Up," floats above a rising and falling cascade of sound. It's totally essential.

DL: Róisín Murphy - Off & On

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[NEW] Missy Elliot - Ching-A-Ling

Missy Elliot's comeback single, "Ching-A-Ling," is now on the Internets. I'm not positive it's to be released as a comeback single, or just a soundtrack song. Read what the official site says:

Check back tomorrow to hear the world premiere of Missy Elliott's new single "Ching-A-Ling" from the original motion picture soundtrack 'Step Up 2 - The Streets' & from her forthcoming album!

Anyway, I'm sure the link will die soon, but for now, it's uploaded on YouTube. What do you think? There's a lot of M.I.A.-inspired repetition. Watch below!

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Daily B: Mexico City

Despite everyone and their mama reporting that Britney Spears had flown the coop to Manhattan, she has been found elsewhere! ...In Mexico. Oh, for fuck's sake. Well, she's with that paparazzo and they have exclusive video at TMZ now. I don't know what she's doing there, but I don't think she does either.

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Funny Ferns

If you're a fan of ferns, nerdy-yet-strangely-attractive gentlemen, beards, tickle fetishes, and/or awkward humor, you need to watch Zach Galifianakis interview Michael Cera on FunnyOrDie.

Watch it here and have a blast!

Full credit goes to Nora, assistant vice president of human resource management and entertainment field news reporter.
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Making Love Swedish Style

I don't like to refer to the items that PopJustice posts, as I feel it's a bit redundant, but nonetheless, this is my blog and I therefore get to do what I damn well feel like doing. HELLS YES.

A few days ago, PJ posted Moto Boy's Young Love as their song of the day, which I hadn't heard until today. I'm picturing a 1950's lounge-style crooner, singing inside of an abandoned discotheque...with Rufus Wainwright and a chorus of angels. Wait, that was my Friday night.

Anywho, give a downloading, and let me know what you think. And in case you're wondering, this continues to follow through with my soon-to-be patented hypothesis that all music hailing from Sweden and Norway is perfect.

Moto Boy - Young Love
http://youtube.com/watch?v=DRlDv5okGS0 - Video, quite nice.

Additionally, he posted this live performance inside of an area called "Biker's Tunnel," where he faced the potentially fatal impact of bike-to-body collision in the name of live vocals and guitar strumming. And if that's not noble, I don't know what is.

Check out Motoboy at his website here.

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First Important Random Dance Song You Should Know About of 2008

Yep, the title says it all. Sarah Cracknell with Mark Brown, doing "The Journey Continues." This is a good one. Interesting points of interest: Samples of opera singing, Possible connection to bridge of Girls Aloud's "Watch Me Go," high fashion, stop-motion romancing.

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