Come back to me.

Finally! Najoua Belyzel has returned with a brand new single entitled “Viens, Viens.” If you’re unfamiliar with the name Belyzel, check out my earlier post about her back in the day. She used to be in a pop group, but we like to forget small details like that around here.

The song is a cover of a cover, actually. Originally written in Germany, the title was done over by Marie Laforêt in 1973. And now, given a sleek electro under-pulse and a generous dose of Belyzel’s characteristic yelps, the repackaged song oozes with fragile conviction. I’ve tried to dig through the translated lyrics. From what I gather, it’s searching and poetic. Listen on!

And while you’re at it, check out the song in it’s original form. Well, original covered form.

Leaky Lykke

Leaky Lykke

Why, look!

Daily B: Center of Attention

Daily B: Center of Attention

This album seems to be growing larger and larger by the day

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