Here we have Alex Saidac, a singer lady from Sweden. (Don’t ask me to pronounce her last name because I don’t know how to say it–that is, unless it really is pronounced like the Pokémon, Psyduck.)

After gallivanting around Europe as DJ Alexxis La Boss, Saidac has just become a brand new voice on the Scandinavian pop star scene. Like…very new. Like, inked a record deal two weeks ago new.

According to my friends over at Scandipop, Saidac was just signed to Alexander Bard‘s SoFo Records (the mustached musical maestro behind the legendary Swedish pop-camp groups Army of Lovers and BWO), and her upcoming work will be produced by Swedish production duo, Holter & Erixson.

“We Shine” is Saidac’s debut single, a throbbing synth-pop floor stormer. Like Ke$ha‘s “Blow”? Rihanna‘s “S&M”? Perrrrfect.

“Tonight the night is ours, and we’re gonna be dancing, dancing on the stars,” Saidac preaches on top of the song’s ravey, hands-in-the-air chorus. Insert bright beats and disco lights, and there you have it–a solid, scorching 21st century pop number that stomps as hard as anything else on top of the Billboard Hot Dance Club/Play Chart.

Saidac commands a fairly interesting, throaty voice–a bit Marina & The Diamonds or Sky Ferreira in places–and the production is slightly more exciting than your generic synth-pop dance affair.

Granted, “We Shine” is still the kind of song that’ll have you biting your lip and going “Oh, you know what this sounds like? Madonna‘s ‘Celebration.’ No, wait…Wynter Gordon‘s ‘Dirty Talk.’ No, wait…” a dozen times over, but hey…that’s not exactly a criticism, is it?

Alex Saidac is expected to release her debut album later in 2011.