Fact: Sunday Girl can do no wrong.

The English chanteuse, nee Jade Williams, has released three superb singles — the glitchy dream-pop of “Four Floors,” a frosty cover of Laura Branigan’s excellent “Self Control,” and the ebullient Jim Eliot-produced “Stop Hey.” Way back in April, her impossibly gorgeous fourth single “Human Love” was scheduled for release, then inexplicably delayed, and all went quiet in Camp Sunday Girl. (“Human Love” remains the third-most-played song in my iTunes — it may be my favorite song this year.)

Now we find out why: She had something even more single-worthy up her sleeve — namely, a transcendent house translation of Sunscreem’s oft-covered 1992 hit “Love U More.” The original is pretty damn hard to improve upon, but here, Jade’s husky vocals are layered over a glittering dance track that’s as big and euphoric as Rihanna’s “We Found Love” or Marina’s “Radioactive.” A lush middle 8 gives way to a dazzling house crescendo as she sings, “Let the sky fall down/let the leaves turn brown/Still you know you can never make me love you more.”

After so many false starts, Sunday Girl deserves a big pop moment — and if “Love U More” doesn’t do it, nothing will.

Sunday Girl – Love U More by Sunday Girl

“Love U More” will be released on November 6. (iTunes UK)