The Various Merits of Sam Sparro’s Amazing New Single, “I Wish I Never Met You”

In the four years since his debut in 2008, Sam Sparro‘s done a lot of growing as an artist. And by that, I mean he has a mustache now.

No, no–he’s matured, his sound and style has developed further, and “I Wish I Never Met You”–the lead single from his upcoming album Return to Paradise–represents that overall evolution. Stripping away the extra synthesizers but maintaining the sleekness of “Black & Gold,” Sparro’s latest is an unbelievably well-crafted marriage between soulful ’70’s disco, piano-led balladry and chilly blasts of Euro-tinged 21st century electronica (a bit Kleerupian, if you will).

The song, which was co-written by Swedish singer-songwriter Erik Hassle (so you already know it’s good), sees Sparro alternating between aggression and anguish as he laments his last love affair. It’s just amazing.

Actually, it’s so amazing, I just started listing out bits and pieces of its amazingness, including (but not limited to):

1.) The lyrics.

Erik Hassle, duh. Specifically: “It’s been 16 hours and 3 long years, been trying to wipe these memories and dry these tears.” Also, is there anything quite as devastating as the line “I wish I never met you. That’s how much I regret you”? GAH.

2.) The way the song bursts into that chorus for the first time.

It’s so perfect and powerful, there’s only one real way to capture that feeling: crotch grab.

3.) The added drum line in the second verse.

That’s a nice touch.

4.) Hooked for life.

Erik Hassle knows his way around a hook, and he certainly doesn’t disappoint with the massive singalong chorus of “I Wish I Never Met You.” Or the verses. Or the bridge. Actually, it’s all one major earworm.

5.) “Ooh-oh-OH-oh-oh-oh!”

The backing melody of the chorus that turns into a vocal backing melody? HEAVEN.

6.) The video.

The accompanying clip for the song is just as amazing, in which Sparro fancies himself a gangsta, Al Capone style. There’s just so much: Prohibition-era styling, courtesy of next season John Galliano. (Gwen Stefani‘s jealous!) Barber shops. This haircut. Table flipping. Interrogation. Ropes. Also, Michael Jackson-inspired choreography? Lounge singers doping drinks? I gasped at least ten times.


That wailing chorus at the end? I WIIISH I NEVER ME-ET YOU!!11!!111! My heart!


Video courtesy of Jon Ali!

And while you’re at it, listen to a bunch of remixes from the likes of Azari & III, Stereogamous and Devil’s Gun now.

“I Wish I Never Met You” will be released in the UK on June 4. (iTunes)

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I hope everyone had a merry Record Store Day this weekend!

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