Kylie Minogue Gets Her “Skirt” Remixed by Switch, Skirt Continues To Come Down


Okay, I can’t just not share this first: This week, I had the amazing (and still very much surreal) experience of meeting Queen Kylie Minogue.

She’s in town right now to promote her gorgeous new fashion retrospective Kylie Fashion (a fantastic look/read, by the way!) On Monday, she held a book signing at Sak’s — and I was not about to let the Mighty Aphrodite make her way through my city without basking in her divine aura.

After standing in line for about an hour and a half in the shoe department alongside Robbie from ChartRigger and Camille from Hard Candy (the DJ played Madonna‘s “Borderline” and Dannii‘s “Put The Needle On It” while we waited — incredible), all the dreams of this impossible prince finally came true: Not only was she as lovely and stunning in person as hoped, but she even knew MuuMuse off the bat (“Oh! I tweet you all the time”), shook my hand (never washing again) — and even wrote out a special shout-out (“I MuuMuse you!”) in my copy of Kylie Fashion. I promptly went from overly eager fan-boy to shaking and crying stan in mere milliseconds. In fact, I’m still very much dead.

But enough of all this #humblebrag business and onto the good stuff: Just in time for the weekend (and the first official day of summer!), Kylie’s unleashing a series of scorching “Skirt” remixes blazing enough to cure our summertime sadness.

So far, we’ve got an extended remix courtesy of Mark Picchiotti, as well as a dub mix from the song’s producer, Nom De Strip. But this here’s the first real, real new remix, crafted by House DJ Switch.

Switch is best known for his work on M.I.A.‘s last three studio albums, as well as Legendtina‘s Bionic. (He was also one-half of Diplo‘s side gig, Major Lazer.)

Here, he’s taken the scorching original, slowed it down and funked it up into a Daft Punk-lite disco delight. Shimmering electronica and glittering synthesizers fill out the otherwise dub-heavy production, allowing Kylie to croon, sigh, moan and shine on and on like a pure white diamond. It’s a much more lush production, a la Light Years.

According to my pal Marc at ShineOnAndOn, more remixes are on the way, including offerings by GTA and Hot Mouth. But for now, Switch is certainly delivering the goods. Have a great weekend!

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