The Other Side of Wow

No, not another “Wow” post. Well, sort of. The b-sides for Kylie Minogue’s newest single, “Wow,” have finally been given previews on 7Digital, so if you click here you can hear all three of them in their 30 second glory. “Cherry Bomb” sounds like the perfect accessory to Madonna’s Confessions On A Dance Floor, while “Carried Away” and “Do It Again” are regular ol’ smartly crafted, fast-paced electro tracks. All of which probably could have performed well on the album’s tracklisting, instead of being shelved to the second class “B-Side” category. I’m not bitter about it.

Namie Party

Namie Party

Looks like the full PV’s (promotional videos, as they’re often

Daily B: Beautiful

Daily B: Beautiful

Not too much happening on the Britney front, aside from a (court mandated?

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