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Oh, dear. It seems that the incredibly relevant talent and sure-fire winner for next year’s People’s Sexiest Man of the Year known as Soulja Boy, 19, may soon be the next one to spawn in La La land. A woman has come to MediaTakeOut and told them exclusively that she is his soon-to-be baby’s mama, even though he isn’t returning her texts and whatnot. I’m pretty sure I don’t care, but I bet other people will.

The soon-to-be mother tells, “I’m not just some groupie looking for a payday, me and [Soulja Boy] have history.” She continues, “But ever since I told him that I [might be] pregnant, he stopped returning my calls and texts … If I don’t hear from him soon, I’m going to have to get a lawyer.”

Does Bathing Ape make binkies?

Don’t Let the Rose Tinted Glasses Fool You!

Don’t Let the Rose Tinted Glasses Fool You!

Alright, taking this show from the East to the West, I’m moving on to an

America Hates Women

America Hates Women

I rarely wax political here, but I feel this needs to be said

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