Daily B: Crucial Victory

Across the board, Britney Spears has finally been dealt a few crucial decisions in her favor. First, her parents going to court to fight to become conservators of Britney’s estate. A conservator holds temporary legal power over a person’s financial and medical affairs. To prove their disinterest with Britney’s finances, they have hired a co-conservator along with Jamie Spears, Andrew Wallet. He will maintain her finances separately, while Jamie will presumably take care of Britney’s medical details. This means that Britney will no longer be able to decide the fate of her medical stay, which is a much needed victory.

Secondly, Sam Lutfi has legally been blocked from contacting Britney. He has been dealt a restraining order for at least 22 days. The judge who set the order in motion has found that Sam was a source of civil harassment. He will no longer be able to see her for at least 22 days, but the order can be set permanently at any time.

Unless her parents are truly scum-sucking leeches, this is an absolutely successful turn of events. This means that Britney will not only gain the help she needs, but she will be flushed of the enablers around her, allowing pure and absolute recovery from her gradual breakdown over the past few years. The process should take some time, but so far the conditions are perfect for a recovery to be made.

Sources: BMK, TMZ

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