Delightfully Curious

A few days ago, I discovered Neonbelle. Now I forget where, though it was most likely through the forums of PopJustice.

Anyway, there’s not much besides a MySpace on the newly formed group, which is a collaboration between artists Jelte Heringa, Pien Feith, and Maarten Besseling. Basically, the three of them decided to go up to a cabin in rural Netherlands and write until they produced something concrete. And voila, In A Cabin With… was born. The songs are a bit Feisty (if you will), but are much more in the style of The Album Leaf. The songs are all raw; they feel like pages of electronica being torn and crumpled into pieces, stuck together to a few piano melodies or two. They’ve all got their unique moments. And that works here. One of the highlights, “Run Away, Run Along”, got me a bit excited, as it features a sped up beat pattern straight from my old Casio keyboard from the olden days of yore.

Luckily, if you’re interested in hearing more, their entire album In A Cabin With… is…free. Yes, free. It’s part of that whole underground leap toward creative expression, power to the people, and damnation of the record label. I fear change, so I don’t know what to think of it quite yet. But I know that, like their song, it’s “so far, so good” to me.

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DL: Neonbelle – In A Cabin With… (ALBUM)

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