System Overload: Natalia Kills Premieres New Song, “Activate My Heart”

Calling all zombies–Natalia Kills has just unveiled a second song from her debut.

“Activate My Heart” is a super slick 21st century distress call. Gone are the Autotune robotics of “Zombie”; in their place, Kills’ capable natural voice, which still provides some spine-tingling chills in this fabulously stinging electro-crawler.

Even if Kills drops a fair share of robot talk, this new song is a little bit more, well…human. “I’ve been played around, love has let me down, tore my feelings out,” the artist laments in the first few seconds of the song. Add in a plethora of electronica bleeps, blips, and stuttering syllables, and you’ve got one hell of a follow-up.

You can download “Activate My Heart” for free from her label, Cherrytree Records.

Introduucing…Alex Gardner!

Introduucing…Alex Gardner!


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