As the promo pictures promised, the video for Ciara‘s next single “Gimmie Dat” is amazing. Like, unstoppably so. In fact, I would almost call this video TOO good. Almost.

With a song like “Gimmie Dat,” a dance breakdown isn’t just heavily suggested–it’s actually a requirement. But fear not: CiCi is still the best dancer in the game, and she continues to prove it with her latest video. The hip popping! The body locking! The twerks…the jerks! It’s all very amazing, inspiring, and jealousy inducing. She just does the damn thing like a pro.

There are like five billion moments of incredible in this video. Some of which include:

+ The F-L-Y fanny pack. I needs/wants.
+ The Converse shoes with Lucite heels. I needs/wants.
+ The :43 second mark: OH HAI! U no….just sittin hurr lookin’ fly backwurdz defyin’ gravity n wutnot.
+ “I’m gonna put on my crown.” *Puts on signature Atlanta baseball hat.* FABULOUS.
+ The 2 minute mark: Killer moves and grunting men. It’s like a better version of Lady Gaga‘s “Alejandro.”
+ The 2:45 minute mark: CiCi goes Nicki Minaj and shows off her hour-glass figure in a tight onesie while pulling shapes of every kind, from the crab walk to the bend and snap.
+ The 3 minute mark: The frolic in the rain. Shades of Scherzy‘s “Whatever U Like” (which is an amazing point of reference, making this part doubly amazing.)
+ The 3:30 minute mark: GURL.
+ The 3:35 minute mark: What’s better than a CiCi? FIVE CICIS BUSTING MOVES ALL OVER THE PLACE. So much muscle. So much fierce.
+ And last but certainly not least…THIS:

One of the best videos of the year, no doubt.