Elevate Me: The Alternate Version of Diana Vicker’s “N.U.M.B.”

Over the past week, Diana Vickers has been counting down the days ’til Christmas by offering up a variety of special goodies and knick-knacks, including interviews, video blogs, contests–and now, free downloads.

Today, Team Vickers released a previously unheard take on “N.U.M.B.,” the gorgeous album track from Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree that was produced by Chris Braide (who I interviewed earlier this year–we even dished a bit about the track!)

While not as emotionally raw as the album version, this new version smooths on a whole new layer of production, including a warm guitar strum and a lush, pulsating beat–not unlike the orchestration that gave Katy Perry‘s transcendent “Teenage Dream” that gorgeous, fading-embers-of-summer kind of sound.

I’m absolutely in love with this version, and to be quite honest, I actually prefer it to the original. It feels even more mature (I’m picking up a little bit of a Alanis Morrissette, Flavors of Entanglement vibe!) In fact, the added upbeat production proves that “N.U.M.B.” could actually make for a really incredible single.

Perhaps Vickers and crew can dip back into The Tainted Cherry Tree for a final release? I’d like that very much!

Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree was released on April 23. (iTunes UK)

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