Tiësto (Finally) Releases Fantastic Collaboration with Kay as New Single: “Work Hard, Play Hard”

DJ Tiësto–much to some of his more elitist fan’s chagrin–does this funny thing sometimes where he’ll step down from the turntables of his stadium-filling club concerts for a hot second to enter the recording studio with a pop artist and cook up an incredible slice of radio friendly trance-pop.

For proof, look no further than his incredible indie-goes-dance 2009 collection, Kaleidoscope. (Check out the MuuMuse review now!)

Today, the acclaimed Dutch beat-master has done it again with his latest offering: “Work Hard, Play Hard,” featuring vocals by none other than fast talkin’, fast rising Nova Scotia-bred pop starlet and recent MuuMuse fixation, Kay.

“Work Hard, Play Hard” first surfaced online just over a year ago in a promotion with Sandisk, during which fans were asked to submit cell phone footage from Tiesto’s concerts around the world in order to create an entirely fan-made video for the song. (If you’re into that sort of thing, the video for the song–set to the AutoErotique remix of the track–just premiered over at AOL’s Spinner.)

Now, the song is finally a full-fledged single as of today–which is a very, very good thing.

Tired of all those spreadsheets? So over working for the man? Sick and tired of always being SICK AND TIRED?! Good! Kay (and Anastacia) totally agree: “Can’t somebody cut me some slack? / I been working dang hard, breaking my back,” Kay cooly speak-sings.

“Work Hard, Play Hard” is a purely “We run this motha!” type of track for a night on the town–essential listening after a week’s worth of work-related stress. “I own this shit all week / This beat’s for all my freaks / We’re runnin’ on no sleep,” she bossily announces above the stinging trance beats.

Think of “Work Hard, Play Hard” as a slightly more grown-up response to your standard Ke$ha track (less vomming in Paris Hilton‘s closet, more fist-pumping in the VIP at Tenjune), complete with some signature Tiësto trance production and just the slightest hint of strut-tastic Sugababes 4.0 ‘tude to boot. (“Wear My Kiss”/Sweet 7 vibes anyone? Anyone?!)

So go ahead and play damn hard…you EARNED it!

“Work Hard, Play Hard (feat. Kay)” was released today on Beatport and will be released on August 15 to iTunes. (Beatport)

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Guest Muuse: Introduucing…Stella Mwangi!

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