Another month, another surprise in the Year of #K25.

Today, after another quick and thrilling round of Tweet To Unlock (which will also the name of my firstborn child), Queen Kylie Minogue unveiled the latest gift from the Minogue Vaults: A full live performance of “Cherry Bomb” from her Anti Tour show in Melbourne earlier this year.

The X-era Bloodshy & Avant smash–which was rudely tacked on as a B-side to “Wow” back in 2008 (despite being more than amazing enough to have made the album tracklisting, or even a single)–performs brilliantly live, full of explosive energy and loads of weird, whirring Bloodshy & Avant synthesizers. The live guitars are an added treat!

Click below to watch the full clip, featuring plenty of excitable hand choreography and a stunning vocal performance as only Mizz Minogue can provide.