X Factor runner-up and all-around cutie Olly Murs ain’t nothing but trouble.

After opening for One Direction on tour in North America and releasing his debut US single “Heart Skips A Beat” with Chiddy Bang earlier this year (which managed to crack the Top 100–at #96), the talented Brit boy is gearing up to release the next single from his forthcoming album Right Place, Right Time, due out at the end of November: “Troublemaker.”

The breezy pop ditty’s all shades of Maroon 5 goodness (more “This Love” than “Payphone”), complete with some slick guitar grooves and a swinging, ’60’s flair of pop freshness. “I swear you’re giving me a heart attack–troublemaker!” Murrs declares above dramatic strings.

In a rather transparent plea for American relevancy, the track also includes a needless feature by the ever-radio friendly Flo Rida. It’s entirely unnecessary, but…well, here’s hoping the verse serves its (very obvious) purpose.

The adorable accompanying clip–filmed as a faux movie trailer–sees our leading man making a whole lot of cutesy faces while following a girl ’round town, rom-com style–very Just My Luck. Sort of. Maybe. Really, I just wanted to bring up La Lohan. Also, suspenders!

Like the song, it’s a light and silly little thing–a thoroughly enjoyable escape all around.

Right Place, Right Time will be released on December 4 in the US. (iTunes)