Think Miley Cyrus twerking all over the place is scandalous? Please — you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Like UK goth-pop darling Charli XCX, Brooke Candy is very much an artist born of the Tumblr generation: Known as the “freaky princess,” (a befitting nickname) the 24-year-old Californian stripper-turned-rapper and daughter of the former Hustler CFO first made major waves last year as the breakout star of Grimes‘ incredible video for “Genesis.” (With her mile-long hot pink pigtail braids, equally long fingernails and metallic futuristic garb, she’s sort of hard to miss.)

Then, she guested on Charli’s excellent True Romance trip, “Cloud Aura.” Most recently, she’s been tapped to spit out a verse on Kylie Minogue‘s upcoming lead single — not too shabby, I’d say. (Thanks, Urban Kylie!)

Musically, Candy lies somewhere in between Lil Kim, Peaches, Ke$ha and Die Antwoord. Accompanied by stinging electro-trap beats and infectious loops (often packed full of random samples — thus the Tumblr connotation), Candy’s aggressive, sex-heavy flow grabs modern hip-hop misogyny by the balls: “My pussy is a weapon,” she warns on “I Wanna Fuck Right Now,” a track that interpolates Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock “It Takes Two” and briefly samples Godney‘s “Womanizer.” She’s openly bisexual, her stan base is called the #FagMob, she’s an advocate of legalized prostitution and weed. Outspoken? Uh…yeah. You could say so.

Today, the Internet sensation unveiled the visual for her latest track “Dumb,” which takes place in a familiar setting: A strip club! It’s also part-advertisement, featuring Alex Mattsson‘s Spring/Summer ’14 menswear collection. Prepare for cannabis camouflage camel toe, lots o’ lady lumps and some beats that are downright stupid.

Be warned: It’s #unapologetically raunchy and ruthlessly in-your-face – but were you expecting anything less?