Katy Perry Performs “Walking On Air” on SNL, Nails It


And now for something completely prismatic.

To no one’s surprise in particular, Katy Perry is utterly dominating the charts once again this year. “Roar” is still reigning high at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 after 9 weeks (and counting), and her don’t-call-it-a-single single “Dark Horse” already managed to climb to the Top 20. Last night, she took to the stage of Saturday Night Live to perform her latest Prism non-single-but-buy-it-on-iTunes-anyway offering, the ’90’s House-inspired “Walking On Air.”

For a performance around a song inspired by the likes of Crystal Waters and CeCe Peniston, Katy was going to have to give us something trés gay on stage — and that’s exactly what she did.


Look at that! She worked. She turned. She sang. She danced.

Katy’s giving you pure, unadulterated The Craft-meets-“…Baby One More Time” late ’90’s realness (also very Charli XCX) with that gothic schoolgirl ensemble. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Throwback look: Accomplished.

The real star of the show, though? The wind machines! Every single time she stopped to belt out a portion of her song and pose with those flowing satin sheets, she looked like a stunning Greek goddess (who tripped and fell into the set of Clueless or something). She was even giving us some Kylie Minogue in moments! (Pop fact: Wind machines make everything look major.)

Katy truly stepped up her dance game as well, especially with her little breakdown at the very end: She’s popping her hips, sweeping her legs and punching the air like a pro!

While her promo performances for “Dark Horse” have been a little, erm, less than inspiring, this one checks all the right boxes for a powerhouse performance by a reigning pop princess.

Brava, Katheryn Elizabeth.

Prism will be released on October 22. (iTunes)

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