Nobody likes to wait.

“Don’t keep me waiting,” The Holy Spearit once declared. “I can’t keep on waiting for you,” Madonna warned. “Wait ’til you see my dick,” the Ying Yang Twins promised. (On second thought, that one might not apply.)

The Sats aren’t here for the waiting either, so they’ve gone ahead and done a song with the legendary pop powerhaus Xenomania called “What Are You Waiting For?” — the lead single from their forthcoming greatest hits compilation (goodbye album?), Finest Selection.

“What Are You Waiting For?” comes equipped with heavily vocoded monotone delivery that lifts directly from Neon Jungle‘s “Trouble,” lots o’ lyrics about ‘getting on the floor’ and a massive synth pulse that brings Icona Pop to mind. Also, the lead-in chorus lyrics are: “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE WAITING FOR WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.”

Does it sound generic and dumb? Well, it is. And yet, its also not! Xenomania is no basic bitch production troupe, and the inner workings of “What Are You Waiting For?” are great: That “I wanna lose control (let it go!), lose control (let it go!)” part is certifiably amazing. That bridge — as the beat drops out and the girls sweetly sing for a moment — is magical. And the way the beat maddeningly climbs up to that crashing final chorus at the end? Immense.

Generic elements be damned: This is a mindlessly fun, instantly catchy summer ‘smasha’ that feels appropriate for celebrating a greatest hits collection. Sure, its no “Higher” — but let’s not make things too complicated.

“What Are You Waiting For?” will be released on August 8. (iTunes)