Scherzy Baby‘s crash-landing into Nightmare City by way of WTF Airlines continues.

After releasing her summer smash “Your Love,” followed by the unbelievably mediocre second serving “On The Rocks” (which is, inexplicably, the complete opposite of the stunning power ballad she dropped out of nowhere on French radio this weekend, “Run”), former Pussycat Doll and current solo pop confounder Nicole Scherzinger has just revealed the title, tracklist and album art for her Killer Love follow-up — which is, almost impossibly, called Big Fat Lie.

Briefly, a few quick questions about Big Fat Lie.

1.) WHY?
2.) That title. WHY?
3.) That photo. WHY? (It’s not that bad of a photo. But still, when she’s capable of this…WHY?)
4.) All of the fonts. WHY?
5.) How many graphic design professionals looked at this album cover and said “Yes, that looks good”?
6.) How many music industry professionals looked at this album title and said “Yes, that’s a great title”?
7.) Is “Pretty” just never going to be available on iTunes then, or?
8.) Is “God Of War” about Robin Antin?
9.) Is “Girl With A Diamond Heart” about Melody Thornton?
10.) Is the lie also getting big-gah?

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Your Love
2. Electric Blue
3. On The Rocks
4. Heartbreaker
5. God Of War
6. Girl With A Diamond Heart
7. Just A Girl
8. First Time
9. Bang
10. Big Fat Lie
11. Run




‘Big Fat Lie’ will be released on October 20. (iTunes)