Where Is Britney Spears? Britney Spears Podcast

“Where Is Britney Spears?”: Britney Podcast Episode

Bradley and T. Kyle discuss the disappearance of Britney Spears, family drama, B10, the conservatorship, Andrew Wallet, Once Upon a One More Time and more.

Oh baby baby, have you seen Amy tonight? No, like, literally. Have you? We haven’t, either. And it’s been…months now.

T. Kyle and I, on the other hand, have just returned from our Indefinite Work Hiatus with the long awaited, highly anticipated – err, by my twelve gay readers – episode of It’s Britney, Bitch! (@BritneyPodcast).

From a potential pregnancy to conservatorship drama to chilling with Jayden James playing Fortnite at home on a tiny couch, the Britney Army has reliably spared us no shortage of theories about the whereabouts of the Legendary Miss Britney Spears.

In this latest episode of It’s Britney, Bitch!, we dig through the past 13+ weeks for clues as to where she’s at right now, her final post on social media to date, her most recent sightings in public, family drama, B10, Danja, the conservatorship and Andrew Wallet’s resignation.

On a brighter-ish (morning star) note, we also tackle what has happened in the past three months, including the announcement of Once Upon a One More Time, RuPaul’s Drag Race tributes, Madame Tussaud’s wax figures, and nostalgic Funko Pop dolls and vinyl releases to tide us over until she screams, shouts and lets it all out once again.

Look: no one said being a Britney fan would be easy.

Listen now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify below – or head to BritneyPodcast.com to listen on other streaming services.

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